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We would do anything for our pets when they’re feeling under the weather. Unfortunately, they can’t tell us how they’re feeling or what’s wrong when they display symptoms. CBD can ease a number of pet conditions without risking any unwanted side effects that prescriptions can. Because it’s completely natural, if your pet is displaying any unusual symptoms, it won’t hurt to try a little CBD. The following common symptoms and conditions may be able to be treated with CBD until you can take your pet to your veterinarian.

Nausea and Vomiting

Sometimes, our pets eat something they’re not supposed to. Many of the times, whether it was a nasty leaf outside or a pizza crust from the trash, it won’t be lethal for your pet. However, it’s not fun to watch your pet vomit… and it’s even less fun to clean it up. CBD can ease nausea in pets just like with humans. If vomiting persists, take your pet to the vet, don’t try to give them more CBD. As always, use your best judgment on how severe the symptoms are and if they need immediate medical attention.


Anecdotal evidence has shown that CBD can ease neuropathic pain as well as physical pain, and has even helped control seizures in dogs with canine epilepsy. It could be worth giving CBD a try to reduce the frequency of your pet’s seizures since the alternative, prescription medications, have caused severe side effects in some dogs. At least there’s no harm in trying CBD for your pet. Additionally, up to 30 percent of dogs with epilepsy continued having seizures.

Anxiety and Stress

Constant barking and howling can sometimes indicate anxiety or stress, which could be completely out of your control. Even if they’re in a safe space that they’re used to, some pets are just more prone to anxiety, much like humans. Separation anxiety is also very common in pets, or even situational anxiety in response to fireworks or thunder. Regardless of the source of the anxiety, CBD can help calm their systems and ease their anxieties.

Joint Pain

As our pets age, joint inflammation and arthritis can cause chronic pain. Sometimes this discomfort translates into irritability, lethargy and lack of desire to play. The source of their seemingly mental distress could very likely be physical pain. CBD can tackle the inflammation itself so instead of simply dulling the pain, the condition is being treated at the source.

If your pet is displaying any of these symptoms, CBD could help. The beauty of trying CBD first is that it’s an all-natural remedy that won’t hurt your pet. If symptoms are minor, try CBD to ease your pet’s discomfort until you can get them in to see your vet.


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