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Vacations are supposed to be fun. It’s time away from the office and a chance to spend quality time with friends or family. Unfortunately, certain aspects of taking a vacation are stressful, like airport drama, wrangling kids around the resort, and the physical discomfort of being stuck in a plane or car. Also, unfortunately, we can’t keep a wine bottle on hand at all times to calm the nerves. The perfect solution to staying alert and relaxed on vacation? Hemp!

Hemp is completely non-psychoactive, so you can take it anytime, anywhere, and still be mentally sharp. It does however provide a general sense of calm and eases physical pain like a charm. Because of this, it’s an absolute travel necessity for travel and vacationing.

1. Hemp eases flight anxiety.

Hemp directly reacts with our cannabinoid receptors, altering the physical effects of anxiety or stress. It even reduces activity in the amygdala, the “fight or flight” part of our brain. If you struggle with flight anxiety, your amygdala is screaming at you to run out of the plane while boarding. Hemp can help dull this reaction so you can look at the situation logically.

2. Hemp will keep you going strong all vacation long.

Hemp can soothe body and muscle pain from all your fun daytime activities. Plus, a little bit before bed will help you sleep through the night by slowing your thoughts. After a stimulating day, it can be difficult to do that on your own sometimes! You’ll be bright-eyed and pain-free in the morning, ready for another day of fun.

3. Hemp is your travel beauty secret.

Hemp increases blood circulation and reduces inflammation, both of which help your skin hydrated and healthy. Long flights are not only very drying to the skin, but they also contribute to poor circulation, resulting in swollen joints and general discomfort. Along with glowing skin, your flight-fatigued body will also thank you!

It’s not always easy to relax—even when you’re on vacation. Enlist the help of Hemp to help you truly enjoy your vacation and make the most of your time spent with loved ones.

4. Hemp is the perfect cure for jet lag 

Jet lag is something many people often suffer from. Anytime your internal clock is messed with, your sleep and overall day-to-day functionality can be disrupted. In recent years, it has been found that with the benefits of hemp, a huge benefit leans towards symptoms of jet lag. Hemp can often help take care of a crabby mood or pesky anxiety. 

5. Perfect relief from swelling and joint pain

When traveling, sometimes your muscles might flare up from temperature changes. This can be painful at times and its important to come prepared. Hemp lotions and oils have become one of the most popular choices for a remedy like this. Sitting for hours on a plane can be quite uncomfortable too and its tough to avoid muscle fatigue. Hemp products have anti-inflammatory properties that also act as a muscle relaxant. 

6. Hemp helps with dry skin 

Hemp oil is a well-known choice for anyone looking for a way to moisturize without clogging pores. It has properties that helps with hydrating and regulating skin oil production. Along with helping prevent dry skin, hemp oils are often used for a way to help with wrinkly skin. 

7. Easy compact products 

When traveling through most airports these days, you will notice a ton of Hemp Oils and Lotions available in shops. That’s because traveling has become much easier and so has the ability to bring compact products like tinctures and gummies with you on your travels. Typically these are in small discreet packages that fit perfectly inside any carry on. 

8. Wide variety of options available 

One of the most popular options for hemp oils is a wide variety of tinctures. The beautiful thing about hemp oils is that they can be created to focus on specific properties such as Focus, Uplifting, Energy, and Calming. Its important to have options and see what works best for you. 

9. Wide variety of consumable options

In today’s world, hemp products have evolved into a laundry list of consumables that you can easily toss in your carry on. Gummies, Capsules, Drops, Topical Relief, and so much more have become the trend as of late. Its just nice to have options and if you are planning a long trip, the last thing you want to do is rely on gummies every single day. Change it up a bit and keep things exciting with new innovative products. 

10. It can help clear up a hangover 

A hangover can be a physical and psychological strain on life that can ruin an entire day. Hemp Oil can help you get moving and back to life.  Major remedies include headache and anxiety relief, and neuroprotective effects. Simply put, this can be a savior! 


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