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At one point not that long ago, CBD for pets seemed a little out there. Now, CBD products can be found in every major pet supplies store out there. This poses the question: is CBD for pets different than CBD intended for humans? There are tons of CBD tinctures, lotions and gummies out there, so it makes sense there would be pet-specific formulations by now.

While there are flavors that are more appealing to dogs in CBD pet products, the core ingredients are exactly the same. If your CBD product is high quality, it won’t contain much else other than CBD and other cannabinoids. That’s why it’s safe to give your pet the CBD oil you have on your bedside table (if it’s one you know is pure and has no ickies). However, be wary of the amount you give them. CBD products intended for pets tend to be much less concentrated.

With that being said, there are better ways of medicating pets with CBD than the ways we do. After all, with the wealth of CBD options for pets, it’s worth it to give them something they’ll really enjoy! Here are our (*our pets’) favorite ways to treat furry friends with CBD.

1. CBD Treats or Chews

This is the most fool-proof way to calm your four-legged friend with CBD. Before you leave the house, toss your dog with separation anxiety a chewy CBD treat. No matter how wound up they are, they won’t be able to resist a bite-sized treat.

2. CBD Peanut Butter

You can put a drop of your own CBD oil into your pet’s peanut butter-filled Kong or other toy. Not only will they be occupied for an hour trying to get the peanut butter out of the toy, the effects of the CBD will have them feeling mellow and painless in no time.

3. CBD Paw Balm

A CBD balm is an easy way to topically apply CBD to your pet. Simply place their paw directly into the balm and then massage it in a bit (if you can).


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