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If you are new to hemp-based products, trust us, you are not alone! We get questions all the time about how to start using Hempcy products. Before you get started, we want to assure you that all of our products have been 3rd party tested, and your Hempcy products went through a stringent series of tests to ensure they are the purest, high-quality products on the market.

While everyone’s body is different, we encourage people to try their products for 30 days! Some people say they noticed a difference the first time they took CBD. Others said that it was a week later that they noticed a difference. Simply, go at your own pace, but stick with it!

People look to CBD for a multitude of reasons. Pay attention to what your body is telling you; take note of any changes during these 30 days. We think you will be surprised and pleased with the results!


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