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CBD is becoming popular with all kinds of demographics. As the stigma against cannabis products decreases, the many uses for CBD due to its non-psychoactive properties are being realized. One of these is exercise motivation and recovery. If CBD can help with insomnia, anxiety and pain, why couldn’t it benefit our workouts? It’s exactly those effects that allow CBD to be a powerful pre-workout and post-workout supplement.


Unlike THC, CBD won’t lock you to the couch and make you think oh well to not making it to the gym. It can actually increase motivation to get out the door by easing anxiety and negative feelings associated with the gym.

While it does have relaxing effects, many have exhibited a stimulated response to CBD. This means it can make you feel more alert and present during your workout.

Additionally, CBD can have neuroprotective effects that inhibit “the burn” sensations, ultimately helping you go further on the leg press.

Exercise Recovery

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can soothe tired muscles after going hard at the gym. If you have less pain the next day, you’ll be motivated to get back to the weights sooner. You can apply CBD cream topically to the muscles you targeted that day, or pop a couple gummies, or both!

Although the fact that CBD is a great sleep aid doesn’t seem directly related to a good workout, sleep plays major factor in recovery. Our bodies repair themselves in ways they can’t when we’re awake, so the more deep sleep you get, the better recovered you’ll be from your workout. Prioritize sleep with the help of CBD and you’re bound to get a better workout in the next day.

We recommend taking CBD orally before a workout, especially if you tend to have exercise-induced asthma. Otherwise, choose your favorite consumption method and let CBD take your workout to the next level.


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