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Many celebrities know the advantages and health benefits of using CBD and are actively putting their money into this project. While enjoying the return on their investments, these celebrities are also using these Cannabinol products for their health benefits. Here is a list of the top celebrities who actively promote the CBD brand as an investor and personal product users.

1. Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian is an active advocate for the CBD products she loves to use. In an interview with E!, she commented that she was even hoping to have a CBD-themed baby shower. On her Instagram story, she is an active advocate on how she obsesses over everything CBD.

2. Whoopi Goldberg: The co-host of the popular TV show “The View” is also the co-founder of Whoopi & Maya. Her company focuses on the legal distribution of medical marijuana and CBD products. These products primarily focus on helping women find relief from period pains.

3. Jennifer Aniston: In an interview with US Weekly, Jennifer spoke about how CBD helps with her pain, stress, and anxiety. She also spoke about how it offers the relief she craves without getting high or feeling weird. CBD is a go-to stress reliever for Jennifer, and she’s very vocal about her experience.

4. John Legend: John Legend is one of the celebrities who took his interest further than just a consumer of CBD products. His interest motivated him to invest in a new CBD Company and have active participation in the company’s line of product advocacy. He primarily focuses on edible CBD gummies.

5. Mike Tyson: Over the past couple of years, the former heavyweight champion of the world is an active CBD investor. Tyson Ranch is one of his recent cannabis line businesses. This includes Dwiink, a CBD beverage that has about 10mg of CBD in each bottle.

6. Kourtney Kardashian: The oldest of the Kardashian sisters is also an active CBD investor who has her money in the CBD industry. She successfully created a CBD serum for people who want to use it in their skincare regime. The CBD serum also provides quick pain relief asides from its skincare benefits.

7. Megan Rapinoe: For athletes, Megan is a top figure, especially in the U.S women’s national soccer team. She is a leading figure in the U.S women’s conquest at the 2019 world cup tournament, where she won the golden ball award. Together with her sister, Megan CBF brand uses cannabinol as a healthier product to manage pain and recovery period within the athlete community.

8. Paul Pierce: Just a few years after his retirement, the Boston Celtics legend turn NBA analyst is an active advocate for CBD. Following his horrific stabbing incident in the early 2000s, he was left with PTSD and chronic pain for a long time. Launching his CBD brand provides an alternative to help people towards managing trauma, pain, and sleep assistance.

Several other celebrities are active advocates and investors in the CBD industry. Celebrities like Montel Williams, Martha Stewart, Ricky Williams, and Bella Thorne, among others, are enthusiastic advocates of CBD products.


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