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CBD is legal and accessible almost everywhere in the U.S. But it’s still derived from the hemp plant, which contains trace amounts of THC. If you need to drug test regularly, you might be wondering: does CBD show up on a drug test?

First off, drug tests do not screen for CBD specifically. Hemp products that contain less than 0.3% THC, like CBD, are not considered controlled substances and are legal in most states. With that being said, drug tests do screen for THC, so if your CBD product contains any THC at all, there’s always the chance it could be detected.

So how do you know if your CBD product has THC in it? If it’s labeled “full-spectrum” CBD, the blend includes a range of cannabinoids, including very small amounts of THC. It’s not enough to get you high, but if you consistently consume it, it could be enough to show up on a drug test.

Even if you opt for CBD isolate, which contains no other cannabinoids, make sure to check lab results from a third party. If it wasn’t third party tested, it could be contaminated with THC. This could happen simply from improper isolation, which isn’t difficult to do. In order to be approved by an official testing facility, CBD isolates must contain absolutely no THC.

To be extra cautious, try to give your body enough time to metabolize any THC before a drug test. A single use of THC usually metabolizes within three days, whereas heavy and consistent use can take 30 days to completely exit the system.

The bottom line is if you can’t risk failing a drug test, stick to your CBD isolate and research your full- and broad- spectrum oils.


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