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As we learn more about cannabis through research, THC and CBD are no longer the only cannabinoids we revere. There are actually over 80 naturally occurring cannabinoids (Phyto cannabinoids) found in cannabis. Some of these are flavonoids and terpenes that give flower it’s flavor and aroma, but some add to the overall effects that full-spectrum CBD oil or flower provide. We know about CBD and THC, so let us introduce you to the rest of the entourage. 


You may be able to tell from the name that it’s a close cousin of the high-inducing THC. THCV does produce an energizing and euphoric high, but is known to decrease anxiety. Pairing it with THC can be helpful in reducing negative anxious and paranoid side effects that often come with a solely-THC high. 


CBDV is similar to CBD in that it does not provide intense psychoactive effects. This particular cannabinoid has been shown to ease nausea and even decrease seizures in epileptic users. 


Also non-psychoactive, CBG is most known for it’s therapeutic effects. This all-star is the cannabinoid responsible for reducing inflammation and desensitizing pain receptors at the same time. It’s also a powerful neuroprotectant and is thought to protect and help repair brain cells. 


Another pain-relieving cannabinoid, CBGV is unique in that it also aids in healing dry skin conditions. 


CBN on it’s own has many therapeutic properties like easing glaucoma, stimulating the appetite and even killing bacteria. When combined with THC, though, it’s extra special, because it creates a powerful sedative. Those with insomnia would benefit from a full-spectrum THC with CBN. 


CBC is another powerful antibiotic, and has even improved infections that couldn’t otherwise be helped. It’s also a neuroprotective cannabinoid, but more than that, CBC encourages the brain to create more cells in areas like memory and learning. CBC could help keep you sharp!

To researchers, it’s beginning to seem like all these cannabinoids work together to provide a unique experience, depending on the ratios. When there’s a little help from a few or more of these cannabinoid all-stars, we’re able to get more out of our CBD. 


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