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Cannabis products come in all forms, and CBD is no different. Strains of hemp that are CBD-dominant are available just like oils and tinctures are! If you love the taste and sensation of smoking raw cannabis, CBD flower provides the same satisfactory feeling. Especially if THC is too much for you, it’s a perfect alternative. 

Since it doesn’t tend to be as talked about as CBD oil, here’s what you need to know about CBD in its purest form: flower!

1. CBD flower looks, smells and tastes like your typical “weed.”

CBD flower is great for those who enjoy the experience of grinding up fresh bud or rolling a joint, but could do without the actual “high.” It’s naturally the same texture, colors, smell and flavor as THC-dominant cannabis. Just grind it up and smoke it out of any device you please—a blunt, joint, or bong. 

2. CBD flower contains a range of cannabinoids—not just CBD. 

Since CBD flower is CBD-dominant hemp, the chemistry of it isn’t tampered with once it’s grown, cut and dried. This means that naturally there are tons of cannabinoids that present, like flavonoids, terpenes and others that give it its flavor and effects. These cannabinoids are all non-psychoactive, just like CBD, and if there is THC content in the strain, it will be less than 0.3%. 

Because of this, there is always a chance that the trace amounts of THC are detected by drug screens. If you have to drug test often, consider a CBD isolate tincture instead of full-spectrum CBD flower. 

3. CBD flower provides the most immediate relief as opposed to other consumption methods. 

Inhaling CBD provides faster relief for pain and anxiety than eating a CBD gummy or applying CBD lotion topically. This is because it enters the bloodstream usually within 5 minutes, giving you that deep breath you needed a little sooner.  

4. CBD flower is from the hemp plant. 

CBD is derived from hemp, which is not considered a schedule 1 drug, like cannabis sativa is. In order to be legal, the hemp from which the CBD came must have no more than 0.3% THC. So, even when you opt for the full-spectrum CBD flower, you can rest assured it won’t have enough THC to get you high. 

5. CBD flower is federally legal, just like other forms of CBD. 

Just because CBD flower does include trace amounts of THC doesn’t make it illegal. Like CBD isolates that contain no other cannabinoids, CBD flower can be purchased by anyone in a legal state.


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